March 1st, 1869 US Postage stamps showing scenes issued for 1st time. These pictorials showed a post horse and rider, a locomotive, a shield, an eagle and a ship, the Adriatic.

Terms & Conditions

Our normal terms are cash on delivery, usually in the form of a credit card. Credit card orders will earn suitable discounts. Prepayment by check will be accepted but checks must arrive within five business days to lock in pricing of date of invoice. After five business days, gold may be repriced according to market of date check is received.

We extend terms to JBT #1 rated accounts. Our normal terms are net 30 days, with a 2% discount for payment within ten days and a 1.5% service charge for payments that arrive after 30 days. We reserve the right to refuse shipment to net 30 accounts when we deem their account to be excessively tardy. All accounts will be referred to the Jewelers Board of Trade for collection when good faith efforts to resolve late payments fail.