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Our Mission

Downeast Trading Co. is a socially and environmentally -conscious supplier of jewelry chains serving the jewelry industry for the past 34 years. We were founded on the principle of interacting with the world on a commercial and societal level in a non-polluting, non-exploitational way. All of our suppliers are chosen for sound and ethical business practices. Our goal is to supply only the finest quality gold, silver, and platinum chains available to the trade. We understand that we can never be the biggest wholesaler of chains, we only want to be the best.

While our chains are manufactured in factories in Europe, they are made to our exacting specifications and we consider them to be “our production”. Our chains are immediately identifiable as Downeast products by our trademarking and our unique elements. In this way we can fully assure the gold content and guarantee the integrity of all of our merchandise. Every transaction we make is subject to the ultimate inspection and approval of each customer.

We look at a business relationship as a symbiosis whereby each party is concerned with the prosperity and well-being of the other. In this way, it is our conviction to deliver only the finest quality available and to back up our products with the price and service necessary to make resale profitable and successful for our distributors.